Understand Yourself Better with Bazi

What is Bazi?

Bazi is an ancient personality analysis system that clearly and concisely explains who we are and shines a light on our positive and negative qualities giving us the keys to evolve and improve more easily.

Having the ability to see all our talents and challenges more clearly allows us to develop them and express our fullest potential in our lives. This will help us excel in work and also improve our wealth, happiness and personal relationships. It gives us the ability not only to refine but also truly accept ourselves.

Bazi can also be used to understand and improve our relationships and interactions with others. Which is an incredibly powerful and useful tool not only for our private lives but also for improving our interactions at work with colleagues, leadership or team interactions.


Our personalities and lives are made of 5 different aspects that all have an influence and interaction with each other. For instance, who we are will determine what kind of career we choose and this career will have an impact on how much money we can earn. 

Everyone has a different balance of these aspects, understanding your own bespoke combination and the simple ways to fix them allow us to live more well rounded, happier and fulfilled lives.

  • Yourself and Relationships

Who we are deeply and how we interact in relationships, friends and colleagues.

  • Work

What our ideal careers and work sectors are

  • Wealth

How we generate, control or manage our wealth.

  • Aspiration

What inspires or drives us. Our desires and needs.

  • Resources

Our education and self development.


Please contact me via the link below if you are interested in a Bazi Personality Analysis. 

Each Analysis is £200 and includes a 1 hour one to one consultation (in person or skype).