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What is Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine can be combined with acupuncture to maximise its therapeutic results. Chinese herbal medicine’s history goes back thousands of years, it has been refined and improved over many generations by the brightest doctors in china and the result is now one of the most sophisticated systems in the world.

Traditional chinese medicine looks at the individual as a whole, taking into consideration the cause, symptoms, the individual's constitution, emotional landscape and environmental factors. All the formulas are bespoke, made by hand and designed to treat the precise phase of the client’s condition to maximise the chance for health. If you choose to take herbs, we provide you with a very convenient granulated herbal concentrate to which you simply add boiling water and drink.


Chinese herbal medicine has a holistic approach to understanding the healthy function of the body. It focuses as much on preventing illness as it does treating it, viewing disease as a result of an imbalance.

Almost all illnesses or imbalances have a recognisable set of signs and symptoms, however the actual presentation of these will vary from person to person.

In Western medicine if you take two patients with similar symptoms they will often both receive the same diagnosis and the same medication.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we treat the whole person. This means that people with a very similar health condition can be diagnosed as having a unique and completely different cause and prescription.

Similarly two patients with different diseases from a western point of view can receive the same treatment if chinese medicine deems their patterns to be the same.

Which is beautifully summed up in the saying:

異病同治 - “One disease, different treatments”
同病異治 - “Different diseases, one treatment”.



Acupuncture is a holistic therapy which aims to return a patient to a healthy balance through stimulation of Acupuncture points distributed around the body.

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Cupping can relax muscles, and increase blood flow. It is often used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, migraines, rheumatism, anxiety and fatigue.

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Through the combination of Tui Na (Chinese massage) and Daoist bodywork we can treat the physical and the emotional issues that are commonly experienced.

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  • I had weekly acupuncture over four weeks combined with Chinese herbs. The treatment itself was really relaxing, Darren has a very calming manner and immediately puts you at ease. I felt lovely for the rest of the evening following acupuncture and generally was a lot less stressed. The result, I am happy to say, is that I got pregnant that month. I am now 15 weeks pregnant and this has been an extremely easy pregnancy (I had a lot of bleeding with my last one). I would highly recommend Darren to anyone who is interested in fertility acupuncture. It was a lovely experience and, fortunately for me, a lovely outcome.

  • I cannot recommend Darren highly enough. He is caring, kind and professional. We were about to have an appointment for IVF but didnt need to! Without going into lots of personal details, Darren correctly located the problem without me having been specific and we conceived the next month & have a wonderful baby girl x.

  • My partner and I had been trying for a baby for just over a year and were starting to consider IVF. A friend recommended that we’d go and see Darren and I am very pleased to say that after 3 months I was pregnant with our baby boy now 18 months. We are so very grateful to Darren for helping us and would recommend him warmly to anybody.