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Acupuncture for Postnatal Recovery

In traditional Chinese medicine there is a long history and focus on recovery after childbirth. The body is put under considerable stress and utilises all of it’s stored resources during pregnancy and labour.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine helps to restore and support during this time. Firstly to help women regain their strength and emotional balance so they can be the best mothers they can be and secondly so their bodies are functioning efficiently to  encourage lactation and support their growing newborn.


During the weeks and months following birth we often need to recover from the labour and delivery. This early period can also be draining as we are usually awake several times during the night to feed our baby before they start to develop a regular sleeping pattern and sleep through the night. 

This is often a time where it is very easy to put our needs second and when we can push ourselves too far without taking the time we need to recharge and rebalance. It’s an important time to rely on or create a support structure to help us through the early days.  

During this time we can develop very common conditions which acupuncture can help to alleviate, such as:

•   Postpartum depression and anxiety
•   Blocked breast ducts/mastitis
•   Insufficient milk flow
•   Carpal tunnel syndrome
•   Hemerrhoids
•   Recovery from caesarean section
•   Urinary incontinence

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