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The 3 treasures of fertility - Mind

The 3 treasures of fertility - Mind

Previously we talked about Jing, our essence of life, and why our bodies should be in the best possible condition for conception. To achieve that, we can practise exercises to enhance three core areas of human function: body, mind and breath. 



The idea and practice of mindfulness has exploded in the Western world in recent years. Mindfulness practices feed into one of our biggest traditional concepts we work towards -  that we want to live and engage fully in the present moment. This means that we want to be engaged in what we are experiencing now, rather than being involved in our cycles of judgement, pre-conceptions or mental dissection. 


Every time we engage in our perception of the world, our mind makes a comment on it. We judge the perception, if we like it, if we don’t, how it compares to last time, what it means for the future etc. These judgements help us manage information and put order to chaos. However, they also create a filter. When we are not aware of the process and unconsciously go more and more into our tinted version of reality, we struggle to experience life directly. We generate 1000 streams of thoughts with judgement and comments of their own each time we engage in a life event. These cycles of thought drain us of energy as we divert resources to mental work that leads nowhere and can be the root of emotional tension. 


Practising Meditation

When we start to train our mind, we will realise it is only really possible to focus on one thing at a time. The modern concept of multi-tasking is not actually possible, our brain can only actually swap between single points of focus and finds jumping rapidly from subject to subject very energy consuming. In our mind training exercises, we work to keep our attention on one thing. With an increased awareness of the layers of our thoughts and judgements, we will gradually calm our mind. 


The moments of calmness and mental clarity we experience during meditation can balance the pressure accumulated when our thoughts are whirring away, reducing the drain on our system as we spend less energy into habitual and unfounded worrying.


To learn more about meditation and how to practise it for mindfulness, you can join my 4 week Fertility Meditation Course which provides daily step-by-step guidance. 


Let’s be mindful, be calm, be present.






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